Author Guidelines


We will be checked your manuscript by the plagiarism detection service Turnitin. Please refer the minimal requirement of similarity. Use our journal template in order to writing your manuscript. Submission to this journal proceeds fully online, and you will be guided stepwise through the creation and uploading of your files.

The manuscript should be written in Ms. Word format. Figure, illustration, and picture are included in manuscript file. Submit manuscript directly to our email address will automatically reject. Any manuscript submitted via email or hardcopy.

The Editorial Board determines feasible manuscript after obtaining recommendations from peer reviewers. Manuscript revision is author responsibility, and manuscripts that are not feasible will be returned to the author.


Your submitted manuscript must be in good, grammatically correct English (American English). If English is not your native language, you should seek the help of an English Language Editing service or professional translator. Furthermore, once your manuscript is accepted, we will do a proofreading process to make sure that the language of your manuscript is suitable for academic purposes.


Case-based articles

The articles present the application of your community engagement programs such as community development, community services, community empowerment, community outreach, and action research. These types of articles will have a deep theoretical framework and be more generalizable, i.e., they don't focus on single case studies. The evaluation of community outcome should be included in articles.


Review articles

The review articles comprehensively summarize the literature on issues about community engagement or community engagement programs.


The title should describe the summary of the community engagement program (concise, informative, no abbreviations, and a maximum of 20 words).

The authorship of articles should be limited to those who have contributed sufficiently to take on a level of public responsibility for the content. Provided should be full names of authors (without academic title); author’s affiliation [name(s) of department(s) and institution(s)]; the corresponding author’s name, mailing address, telephone, and fax numbers, and e-mail address. The corresponding author is the person responsible for any correspondence during the publication process and post- publication.


File to Download:

Manuscript (Template
Please rename your manuscript in this order ‘Manuscript_Title’.

Title Page (Template)
Please rename your title page in this order ‘Title Page_Title’.

Cover Letter (Template
Please rename your cover letter in this order ‘Cover Letter_Title’.


The cover letter should explain why author work is perfect for this journal and why it will be of interest to the journal’s readers.


 Regarding the double blind peer review policy, the author must separate any information about the author’s identity from the main manuscript. Thus, all information related to the author(s) should be mentioned only on the title page. The title page must be uploaded in the Open Journal System) as supplementary file.



Must be written in Cambria Font 12

Sample Title Page


First Author 1, Second Author2 and Third author3

Author names should not contain academic title or rank

1Department of…………, Faculty of……. Universitas……., City, Country,


Running Title: No more than 20 words

Corresponding Author: 

Name, academic title

Email: ……………

Address: ……………


Funding Source

This study was funded by…..(funding number: XXXX)

Author’s contribution

Study conception and design:

Data collection

Data analysis and interpretation:

Drafting of the article:

Critical revision of the article:


Manuscript Metadata

The total number of words of the manuscript, including entire text from title page to figure legends:

The number of words of the abstract:

The number of figures:

The number of tables:



Regarding the double blind peer review policy, the author must separate any information about the author’s identity from the main manuscript. Thus, all information related to the author(s) should be removed from your manuscript document. The author must upload the main manuscript document into the upload submission page.


The text should be organized in the following way: introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion. Footnotes are not recommended; they should be incorporated into the text with their contents. Use only standard abbreviations; readers can be confused with the use of non-standard abbreviations. Avoid the abbreviation in the title of the manuscript. If the abbreviation is a standard unit of measurement, the spelled-out abbreviation followed by the abbreviation in parenthesis should be used on the first reference. If a sentence starts with a number, it should be spelled out.


Acknowledgements should be limited to relevant people who have contributed to the manuscript, including technical assistance and financial and material support, as well as any general support from the chairperson of the department.


Tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals; and any captions should be brief, clearly indicating the purpose or content of each table. If your manuscript includes more than five tables in total, or for very large tables, these can be submitted as Supplementary Data and will be included in the online version of your article.